(175) Materials Testing Machine 50 kN, AllroundLine

Upper test area:

  • Test on CFK-Samples for determination of the youngs modulus

Lower test area:

  • Cyclic compression test on a carbon artificial leg with applied strain gauge

Key features:

  • Z050 TE materials testing machine with 2 test areas
  • materials testing machine, Fmax 50 kN
  • test speed 0.0005 - 600 mm/min
  • test device for artificial legs
  • Body over Wedge-grips

Advantages and benefits:

  • 2 test areas, i.e. an expensive modifications at different test setups omitted
  • Simple read of the applied strain behavior on the specimen strain gauges in testXpert II
  • Maximum visual information gain over the sample behavior through synchronized video streams
  • Precise detection of abrupt changes in force due to high 2000 Hz data acquisition
  • The large number of free slots and the EtherCAT interface allow easy extension of the testing machine




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Tel.  +84 - 8 38120 545
E-Mail  info@zwick.vn

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