(003) 600 kN High-capacity Testing Machine

tensile tests on steel specimens

Key features

  • Z600E 600 kN materials testing machine; 4-column design
  • 600 kN load cell
  • test speed from 0.1 μm/min to 400 mm/min at full load, 520 mm/min return speed
  • testControl II digital measurement and control electronics
  • testXpert II testing software
  • 600 kN double-actuator hydraulically operated specimen grips
  • makroXtens HP extensometer

Advantages and benefits for the Customer

  • wide measuring range allows precise determination of even small test loads without re-tooling.
  • 2000 Hz measured-value acquisition- rate for fast measurement with maximum measurement accuracy and reproducibility
  • long travel combined with comparatively low build-height provides trouble-free specimen clamping and user-friendly testing over a wide range of specimen dimensions
  • convenient test-sequence setup and control with remote control independently of the computer 1000 Hz control frequency for rapid control-response and optimum speed- constancy
  • 2-channel safety circuit for high level of safety
  • energy-saving - switches to eco-mode when not in use
  • high crosshead positioning accuracy (0.001 mm)
  • crosshead travel resolution 0.000129 μm for greater accuracy at creep speeds
  • low-maintenance, pre-stressed, backlash-free ball-screws ensure accurate long-term tensile and compression testing





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