(057) 250 kN materials testing machine (servo-hydraulic)

Static tensile test on round specimens as per ISO 6892 A1

Key Features:

  • HB 250 servo-hydraulic testing machine with integrated T-slotted platform
  • dynamic nominal force Fnom ±250 kN, stroke 100 mm
  • 250kN ‚body over wedge‘ (BOW) hydraulic grips
  • makroXtens II extensometer
  • testControl II digital measurement and control electronics
  • testXpert II testing software

Advantages and benefits:

  • used for fatigue tests under pulsating or alternating load or for tests under quasi-static to static load
  • flexible design of test assembly covers wide range of applications
  • large selection of fixtures for static and dynamic testing
  • tailor-made, customized solution with regard to dimensions, capacity and flexibility
  • testControl II provides reliable protection for operator, data, specimen and testing system (e.g. load limitation in set-up mode, automatic sensor recognition etc.)
  • maximum measurement accuracy and synchronous high-speed data logging provide outstanding data quality over an extended measurement range (e. g. 24-bit resolution, 10 kHz control frequency)
  • modern software design simplifies operation and provides support for each individual operation, with one user interface for all test situations and applications
  • easy switching between dynamic and static testing
  • all tXp II test programs also available on servo-hydraulic testing systems


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