(076) zwickiLine 2.5 kN Materials Testing Machine

Testing airbag connectors with spring-loaded lock and integrated shorting bar

Key Features:

  • Z2.5 TN materials testing machine, Fmax. 2.5 kN
  • test speed: 0.001 to 1000 mm/min
  • VideoCapturing Plus with 2 high-resolution cameras
  • Master test program for cyclic tests
  • 2000 Hz Test data transmission rate
  • NI PCIe I/O module for import and output of digital and analog signals

Advantages and benefits:

  • accurate, synchronized measurement of the switching points of the shorting bar
  • detailed, synchronized videos from two different viewing angles provide maximum visual information regarding specimen behavior
  • high (2000 Hz) test data acquisition rate ensures precise recording of abrupt changes in force
  • variable Master test program for cyclic tests allows easy creation of sophisticated, individually tailored test sequences
  • large number of free slots plus EtherCAT interface allow easy expansion of testing machine


VPĐD TT Zwick Asia tại Việt Nam
Tel.  +84 - 8 38120 545
E-Mail  info@zwick.vn

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