(077) Vibrophore 100

Fatigue test on chains

Key Features:

  • Vibrophore 100 with 4-column load frame with T-slots
  • 100kN Zwick load cell with integrated accelerometer
  • testControl II digital measurement and control electronics with 10kHz control frequency and 24-bit resolution
  • clamping fixture for chains
  • testXpert Research software for Vibrophores

Advantages and benefits:

  • high test-frequencies, giving short test times and high specimen throughput
  • resonance drive has very low energy consumption (only around 2% of that of servo-hydraulic testing machines)
  • easy to install - no ancillary units or systems (e.g. hydraulics, coolant) needed
  • maintenance-free system - wear-free components
  • remote control unit with color display showing measurement channels, machine and test status; also used for machine set-up
  • continuously controlled servo motor for fast, accurate mean-force control
  • pulse-width modulation for high control stability and low failure liability
  • easy test-frequency change simply by varying weights.


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