(008) 100 kN materials testing machine with roboTest L robotic testing system

Automatic tensile tests on metal materials to ISO 6892-1

Key features

  • Z100THW 100kN materials testing machine
  • Makro HP extensometer
  • ideoXtens transverse strain extensometer
  • ‘roboTest L’ robotic testing system
  • total magazine capacity 160 specimens
  • automatic cross-section measuring device
  • 2D code-reader for specimen identification
  • Zwick autoEdition2 automation software

Customer advantages and benefits

  • robotic testing system requires no supervision (e.g. during breaks), allowing high specimen throughput
  • subjective influences (hand temperature/moisture, off-center or angled specimen insertion etc.) are eliminated for high test-result reproducibility
  • low per-specimen testing costs - robotic testing system covers costs within approximately two years
  • modular design of the robotic testing system allows manual testing whenever required
  • automatic measurement of strain at break
  • closed-loop strain-rate control as per ISO 6892-1, Method A
  • measurement of transverse strain




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