• Alignment fixture with flange connection, Fmax 100 kN
  • Alignment fixture with stud connection, Fmax 50 kN

Alignment fixtures, Fmax 50 kN to 250 kN

The alignment fixture is an adjustment device installed between the crosshead of the materials testing machine and the specimen grips or test fixture. First, angular error is corrected via adjusting screws, followed by adjustment of axial displacement. In this way any error can be corrected individually and via the test assembly. Arrangement of the adjusting screws in the X and Y-directions allows correction of errors along their direction of application.

Advantages of the alignment fixture

  • significant reduction in time and effort required for adjustment
  • convenient adjustment, including under tensile or compressive load
  • ample adjustment range
  • angular and axial errors can be corrected independently of each other
  • secure clamping of the alignment fixture for long-term retention of any adjustments
  • can be attached to top, movable or base crosshead
  • version with flanged interface available for force level of 250kN, enabling a shorter test arrangement and even greater stiffness

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