Some of the benefits of our technological superiority in paper, board and corrugated board testing.

Working with the paper, board and corrugated board industries, Zwick has developed a wide range of test fixtures and accessories specifically for this sector. These can quickly and easily be changed according to application.

  • Developing and supporting customized test devices and testing software is high on our list of priorities!
  • Customers benefit from continuous development of our fixtures and test devices and from innovative test methods. Informative, comparable test results ensure product quality.
  • Zwick testing machines offer the highest level of precision currently available on the market.
  • Zwick Roell’s close collaboration with industry market-leaders ensures access to long-standing experience and wide-ranging expertise.

testXpert II testing software

Everything under one roof – our testXpert II testing software excels in testing paper, board and corrugated board.

  • Simple, intuitive operation allows rapid orientation within the test program, reducing familiarization time.
  • Follow the test 'live' via individual data displayed on the monitor – online with the test procedure.
  • Pre-defined Standard test programs already contain the essential characteristics for the relevant applications; add your own results quickly and easily via the results editor.
  • Test data can be exported to external databases.