Dry tensile test on paper

Tensile tests provide information on a range of properties, including stiffness, modulus, tensile strength, tear length and energy absorption. Dry tensile tests on paper are performed to EN ISO 1924-2 or TAPPI T 494. In addition to paper, tissues can be tested.

Dry tensile test on paper

Dry tensile test on paper with Zwick

As in many cases the only result to be determined is the tear strength or tear length, superfluous results can be hidden by the software. The testXpert II testing software accomplishes this by means of two functional levels.

  • Standard test programs (to EN ISO 1924 or TAPPI T 494) contain only test sequences and results which are stipulated in test standards.
  • Changing to Master functionality provides access to all the program's capabilities, ensuring functional scope for future tests.

If required, change in length and width can be measured directly with videoXtens.


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